Our Story

In your hands is a piece of history. History which comes from a long and rich tradition of noble blacksmiths seeking to provide the people with the most essential and indispensable of measures - time. AEON, the latin term meaning “age” or “forever” was the term first used by these ancient craftsman to define their cause as the keepers of time, and has since been passed on from generation to generation to gradually manifest itself into the physical timepieces you see before you.

The purpose behind these watches is simple, to give all people - no matter their status, age or gender - an understanding of life’s universal language. Time is, and forever will be, the one key dimension that will remain constant in this ever-changing landscape that passes us by. AEON thus endeavours to equip you with time pieces that will withstand the ages, cultivating a level of class, tradition and precision that comes from years of refinement and tailoring.

Time is infinite. Tradition is inherited. AEON is forever.